Mentorship: the Facebook feature that can change Smash

Almost every local Smash community has a Facebook group. A few months ago, Facebook created a new feature for Groups: Mentorship. With this feature, anyone can apply to help someone else improve or to get help from someone else. In this blog post, we’ll do a short overview of that feature and how it can work for Smashers.

What is the Mentorship feature?

The Mentorship feature is a new Groups feature that allows people to find a mentor or a mentee and sends them a weekly check-in. You create your profile and explain what you’re looking for: “I want a better Peach”, “I want to TO a new tournament”, or “I can help you improve your reflexes”. Then, you can choose the person that you want to pair with, allowing you to improve with someone from the group – within a city, a country, or even internationally.

Why use the Mentorship feature?

Mentorship is useful to find a more experienced player to learn from, but there are many other uses for this feature: for example, if someone needs help managing their stress, TOing a weekly in their small city – or even the next big European tournament! It allows the beginners to learn from the best, and the best to share their knowledge and develop the European Smash scene.

How to use the Mentorship feature?

Mentorships programs are more likely to succeed when there are more members in a group – for this reason we’d recommend adding this feature at a national, rather than a city-wide level where possible.

1. An admin of the local group creates a mentorship programme. Click on the ··· under the group’s cover picture and click on “Edit group settings”. Then scroll down to “Sections” and click on “Add” next to “Mentorship”. There you go, mentorship is now enabled in your group!

2. Smashers sign up to be a mentor or a mentee by creating a profile. They talk about what they’re good and and what they want to improve.

3. Facebook then shows you who you could pair with. If you’re interested, message the other person. If not, just ignore their profile.

4. Receive weekly prompts. Facebook will send weekly check-ins to see how you’re doing, whether mentorship is going well and everyone is learning from it. This way, you’ll always have news from the people who committed to improve or to teach their skills!

By Exile

I worked at LeFrenchMelee for a year, organized HFLAN Melee 2017 (the largest French tournament in history), and subtitled the Smash Brothers documentary in English and French.

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